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Notes From Lonely Man Ranch . . .

The book sold about 150 copies (mostly the author's family, friends, and acquaintances!) in the first two weeks of its release, in October 2010. It soon withered on the vine for lack of funding to even bother coming up with a marketing strategy, forcing the author's Russian émigré computer genius publisher hobbyist to pull the plug from his base in Bristol, UK.


Fourteen of the very short pieces selected for this website fall into two categories: Fiction and Really Happened. Each is tagged appropriately, so that some wanna-be do-gooder doesn’t try to get the author Baker-acted for something he didn’t do.  

Smokers, Hang On to Your Butts                    

No God in My Cod

Double Fantasy Unrequited                 

To Tweet, or Not to Tweet

Andy Griffith Show: Paranoia on the Piedmont

I ♥ My Gun                               

God Gives Second Chances: the Spinner 

The Vatican's New 7 Deadly Sins                       

I Hate Legue Bowling

Robert Blake, O.J., the Old Me & I                   

Sook's Cookbook

The Melodramatic Omelet                                 

Close Encounters

Straight to Hal

Cover design by Jonathan Adams

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