Prints are now available from any of the 500+ photos on this website. To make your search and selection process a tad easier, the 500+ have been edited to a “Top 72.” You can view these on two separate thumbnail pages. Page 1 is "People." Page 2 is "Buildings & Things."


If you feel like taking the complete, long photo tour, click “Photo Archive” on the menu bar: you’ll get a drop-down list of specific locations where all 500+ photos were taken.


Click on a thumbnail and you’ll see a photo ID number beneath it (example: “hp501 – Boondock, FL”). Use that ID number when ordering a print.


To order, contact me at (sorry, but you'll need to copy and paste). I will reply with verification of photo ID number and other pertinent details, will answer any questions, and will give you my PayPal information.


There is a $10 shipping fee for prints 11 x14 and smaller (continental US). 16 x 20 is $12. But for multiple orders, as many as 3 or 4 prints can go in one shipment: yes, 3 or 4 prints shipped for the the price of one! Print sizes and prices below (shipping fee not included):


Epson Fine Art Ultra Smooth matte paper -or- Reflections Metallic paper (exquisite gloss, with felt-like texture; my favorite):


8 x 10/12 . . . $70                     

11 x 14 . . . $80  

13 x 19 . . . $100               

16 x 20 . . . $115

(Larger sizes available. Please inquire.)

*Epson Enhanced matte: 8 x 10/12 . . . $40 


*Enhanced matte archival prints available at 8 x 10 and 8 x 12 only. It’s a thinner stock, offered as an economically priced print. 


Actual image areas will be smaller than paper size to allow for safe handling, to insure image area remains pristine. (Approximately ¾-inch white borders all around.) This is an industry standard. All prints will be signed and dated (year photo was taken) at bottom right-hand corner, just below image area. (Unless specified that you want it unsigned, or signed somewhere else.)